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Driving change. Autonomously.

With more smart devices available than ever before, there is so much potential to make managing your home easier. We add the smarts behind the devices.

Your home cares.

And asks politely for permission.

With Habitat, your home actually cares about you. Instead of you having to tell it what you need it to do, Habitat makes your home consider what you do and asks you if you want to automate the things that you do everyday. Take all the hassle out of automating your home, and let the system slide transparently into how you interact with your home every day.

It Cares

Your home is a deeply personal space. Yet, your home is often a labour intensive to control and operate, and the approach to smart home technology to date does very little to simplify this. With Habitat, your home actually cares about what you do on a daily basis and asks if you want it to do things for you, leaving you and your mind free to do what's actually important.

Autonomously Data-Driven

Since our system has the context of the world around it, Habitat can consider patterns, behaviours, and efficiency mechanisms never seriously considered before. It learns and improves your experience and home efficiency over time, and does this on its own - making smart homes better than ever before.

Time Savings

Time is money. If you are constantly spending time trying to adjust and tinker with all of your smart home apps and devices, then you are wasting valuable time. Since Habitat asks you if you want us to take control, we handle the tinkering for you while still giving you the control to determine what is right for you.

A sixth sense.

Get sensor information to where it needs to be.

  • EASY CONNECTIVITY - simple ways of connecting your surrounding sensor data into the system to make setup a breeze.
  • TO THE SKY - using anonymized insights from similar categories of contexts to yours, Habitat can make the system even more efficient and convenient by using a vaster library of knowledge that what an individual has.

Small footprint.

Monitor your surroundings without detracting from them.

We've all seen it before. It's a beautiful, newly renovated building with something big and ugly attached to the wall. We want you to get the information about your surroundings, but don't want to make them any less attractive in the process. So, we designed Habitat to be completely cloud based so that you can attach your smarthome devices without the need for additional hardware in the home*.


Add data, and it will make itself better.

We don't want to limit what you automate by making you fit our pre-defined set of automations. By considering every piece of sensor data available, Habitat will ensure that any automations are completely custom to you without requiring you to tell it how to set up those automations. Habitat learns from you, and is only limited by what data you give it.
*SkyHome can connect to devices with a cloud-based API. Any devices that do not have a cloud-based API will need a smart hub to be connectable. Certain proprietary devices may not be connectable to SkyHome.